Thank you so much for considering a gift in support of Lighthouse Louisiana.  Your commitment will help us continue empowering people with disabilities through services, employment, and advocacy to lead full and self-sufficient lives.

Lighthouse Louisiana provides transformative programs to individuals who are living with one or more disabilities, especially those who are blind, Deafblind and Deaf.  In fact, last year alone Lighthouse provided services to 2,203 people.  Lighthouse Louisiana was there for them because donors like you were there for us. 

At Lighthouse Louisiana, we envision a world where everyone with a disability who wants to work can find a job; people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing have access to communication with everyone; vision loss does not mean a loss of independence; and , people with disabilities have equal access to community spaces, public transit, and safety net services.  Your gift today will empower us to continue to strive toward making this vision a reality.  

If you have any questions, would like additional information, or to schedule a tour of our facility, please don't hesitate to call Stephen J. Engro, Director of Development, at (504) 899-4501, ext. 219 or email