Ask Roxy

Roxy, I have been looking for a large print computer keyboard as my eyes are failing. I seem to be able to view the keyboard with yellow keys and black large print but a friend told me that the best contrasting color is orange keys and black lettering and I can't find a source. Do you think orange is better than yellow? Sharon

Hello, There is no "one best keyboard" for all people. Each individual will have their own preference and what works for one person, may not work for another. Our store-- Magnifiers and More-- sells several models of large print, color contrasting keyboards. You can get a yellow keyboard with black letters, a black keyboard with white letters, or a white keyboard with black letters. You may want to stop by, and give them all a try to determine which will best meet your needs. We also sell stick on labels in the previously mentioned color combinations which you can stick to your own keyboard. I hope you find what works for you. Best of luck, Roxy

I would like to buy a pair of reading glasses that you handle in your store but they tell me that #3 is the lowest strength that your supplier sells. They will not tell me how to get in touch with the company and I would like to ask them if a retailer sells them so that I could buy a 2.75 strength. The glasses look great and I would appreciate any information give me on how I can buy or order a pair.

You may want to ask the store the name of the glasses. Then, you can do a Google search to find retailers for that variety, or find the company website which may have more information. Best of luck, Roxy

i need to know if there is a phone that my uncle is able to use for him to dial for him self.

There are a variety of land-line and cellular telephones useable for people who are blind or who have low vision. Some such telephones have large numbers and a large print display, while others have talking menus and caller i.d. Your Uncle's type of vision loss will dictate what kind of phone will most effectively meet his needs. For a land-line phone, you can visit our visual aids store-- Magnifiers and More. We are located at 123 State St. in New Orleans. You can also call us at (504) 899-4501 (ext. 228) Our store workers have a great deal of experience at matching just the right product with the right person. We even carry a small variety of large-print cell phones.

If your uncle would like a talking cell phone, he can go to the Verizon store and get a Samsung Gusto. If he wants a phone with more features, he could ask about an iPhone or Android phone.

Good luck, Roxy

i am looking for a talking watch watch rooster cheep mans

Our visual aids store-- Magnifiers and More has several types of talking watches. Feel free to stop by or give us a call at (504) 899-4501 (ext. 228)

Best of luck, Roxy

My dad has macular degeneration. He has problems reading the newspaper, dialing the phone, and using the remote for the tv. Is there anything available to help him with these daily activities?

Hello, Our visual aids store-- magnifiers and more carries a wide variety of helpful devices from large button phone and remotes, to high powered magnifiers. Please stop by at 123 State Street in New Orleans, or call (504)899-4501 (ext. 228) You can also shop online at our website.

Your father nay also be interested in attending a daily living skills class at the Lighthouse. We teach alternative techniques for completing everyday activities, introduce our clients to community resources and to devices which help increase independence. For more information on our classes, please feel free to contact our information and referral specialist at (504)899-4501 (ext. 245)

Best of luck, Roxy