Ask Roxy

my vision come and gos i cant cant see to good any more and my doctor say s their anything else he cant do im useding magfigglass right now to write this so cant youall help me my doctor name is heitmeier and phone number is 504 368 7081

You may wish to contact our information and referral line at 504-899-4501 (ext. 245) There are programs that can teach you alternative techniques to compensate for your vision loss. Best of luck, Roxy

My 86 year old mother has AMD, COPD & is oxygen dependent. Her tank will run out and she is not aware. The assisted living staff do not always catch it in time to prevent this. Is there a low vision friendly adaption to the regulator that talks or beeps an alert - like with the bp monitors and glucometers for low vision people? I have searched the internet & found nothing to date. thanks in advance, Jill

Hello, I do not believe that such a thing is made. However, you may wish to contact our store-- Magnifiers and More-- to ask. 504-899-4501 (ext. 228) Best of luck, Roxy

Are you all hiring?

You can contact our Human Resources Department to inquire-- 504-899-4501 (ext. 229) You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook and look for job postings.

do you have any services located on the north shore area, specifically around covington, la.?

We have several services available to people living on the north shore.

We have a monthly support group in Slidell. To learn more information, please call (504) 899-4501 (ext. 268)

We do offer limited home visits, as well as a mobile low vision clinic in Mandeville and Slidell. For more information about these services please call (504) 899-4501 (ext. 238)

Best of luck, Roxy

Hi! My 96 year old mother has prescription glasses for reading but her eyes get very tired and she is an avid reader. We're thinking that a magnifying glass of some sort will help. Can you recommend a model and degree of magnification? Thank you for your help, Debbie


As each person is unique, so is their eye condition. I would advise that you pay a visit to our visual aids store, and let your mother try several different types of magnifiers to see which strength and type of magnifier will best meet her needs. We are located at 123 State Street in uptown New Orleans. You can also call the store at (504) 899-4501 (ext. 228) Good luck, Roxy